Faster decision-making is a priority for 79% of retail marketing leaders. Whether data is being used to make marketing decisions or justify budgets, a common realization is that it’s easier said than done. The struggle to obtain useful data has led marketers to experiment with all kinds of testing methods.

Several of these approaches use control groups to isolate marketing’s impact. Control groups are used in a number of fields to help businesses and scientists measure the impact of a stimulus, whether it’s a drug, an advertisement, or something else.

With the recent shift to people-based marketing, the digital marketing technique that uses unique identifiers to serve ads to a user based on the characteristics of that user, it is now possible to shift from test and control markets to test and control groups.

This white paper from Commerce Signals will show you how to best utilize control groups in your marketing efforts.

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Commerce Signals, a Verisk Financial business, is a leading source of credit and debit card data for marketers. With a permissioned and anonymized view of consumer credit and debit card spending behavior, Commerce Signals’ powerful insights, accurate audiences and closed loop measurement help eliminate waste and boost marketing ROI. Its solutions are used by some of the largest retailers, direct to consumer and adtech companies in the country.

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