As marketers, we need to grow sales to be truly regarded as successful. Knowing which tactics are moving the sales needle is the tricky part. Additionally, to keep and increase the marketing budget, we must also convince management that our activities are in part responsible for the company’s growth.

In this white paper, Commerce Signals explains how to tackle these challenges by:
  • Defensible attribution
  • Measuring sales growth faster
  • Knowing what works


In under 72 hours, Commerce Signals identifies which marketing tactics are driving incremental sales in-store and online. With faster in-store sales lift measurement, retailers, their agencies and media partners can optimize mid-campaign for improved sales results. Our self-service tool enables drilling into campaigns by creative, publisher, ad exchange, audience and much more. With our timely and granular data, you can eliminate wasted impressions. For example, if you see that your ads with one publisher are not driving incremental sales, you can shift the spend to one that is. Contact us for more information and a demo: [email protected]