Unlock the potential of personalized customer experiences with Customer.io's ebook "Build or buy: Choose your own CDP adventure." Dive into the world of customer data platforms (CDPs) and learn how they can transform your data into actionable insights. A CDP aggregates customer data from your tech stack, creating cohesive customer profiles for your marketing, analytics, sales, and support needs.

In this adventure, you'll explore:

  • Why unified customer data matters 
  • Crafting a strategy for your CDP journey 
  • The pros and cons of building your CDP 
  • The advantages of buying from a vendor 
  • A head-to-head comparison to guide your decision-making. 

Your journey to data-driven success starts here. Choose your path and discover the power of a CDP.

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Customer.io is a customer engagement platform designed for marketing teams to create data-driven campaigns that reach people across all messaging channels at the right time. We offer two products:
· Journeys: a messaging automation tool for all of your engagement needs.
· Data Pipelines: a customer data platform that connects your entire tech stack.

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