What do excited shoppers worldwide check before deciding where to spend their hard-earned dollars? Online reviews. The words customers read in those reviews can move them towards your stores – or push them away and through the doors of your nearby competitor.

While online reviews are critical in any industry, few feel the impact as much as retail. First off, the competition in the industry seems to escalate daily. Then, you can’t ignore the ever-evolving buying trends and growing consumer desire for options like ordering online and picking up in-store or curbside, and expectations for friendly, helpful team members at every touchpoint. Just one missed mark can pop up on Yelp or Google for the world to see.

Sound stressful? Relax. You’ve got this. You can grow a successful, trustworthy brand presence with a review management strategy and the right tools. Raving, loyal customers will open their wallets and share their exceptional experiences through word of mouth and stellar online reviews. 

Read this white paper from Chatmeter to learn more.

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Chatmeter offers multi-location brands the solutions and data they need to optimize operations, fuel digital growth, and enhance the customer experience. Our cloud-based platform provides data and actionable insights to advance online review and local listings management, social media, local search engine optimization, rank tracking, and competitor comparisons. We help multi-location businesses in over 40 industries including retail, restaurant, healthcare, financial services, and more, create meaningful customer experiences at scale.

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