New global research commissioned by Cheetah Digital reveals what consumers expect from the brands they do business with online, the channels they want to connect on, and the data they’re prepared to share in return for more personalized experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle; from acquisition through to loyalty.

Gain access to the latest data on consumer attitudes and trends in personalization, privacy, messaging, advertising, and brand loyalty.

Uncover insight like:
  • Email beats paid social and display advertising by up to 108% when it comes to driving sales
  • 38% of consumers have gone to the trouble of installing ad blocking tech
  • 57% of consumers are prepared to pay more to purchase from a trusted brand

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Cheetah Digital is a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for the modern marketer. The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to create personalized experiences, cross-channel messaging, and loyalty strategies, underpinned by an engagement data platform that can scale to meet the changing demands of today’s consumer. Many of the world’s best brands, including Starbucks, Hilton, Neiman Marcus, Levi’s, and Williams-Sonoma trust Cheetah Digital to help them drive revenue, build lasting customer relationships, and deliver a unique value exchange throughout the customer lifecycle. To learn more, visit

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