How do marketers learn to plan? There’s no industry standard for planning, and no course that gives you a cheat sheet. Many marketing organizations are starting to recognize that planning is its own discipline, so they’re creating roles focused entirely around marketing planning and strategy.

Marketing leaders across different industries share their insights on marketing planning—how they learned to plan, what lessons they’ve learned, and how they keep hundreds of marketers aligned to the plan. Each chapter shares a new perspective and advice backed by decades of experience.

BrandMaker is a global leader of marketing operations and MRM (marketing resource management) solutions. The BrandMaker marketing operation suite enables marketers to lead with confidence, accelerate time to market, and increase revenue contribution by helping them plan, predict, invest, execute, and improve performance. By fully integrating marketing planning, financial, performance, work, and asset management in one solution, BrandMaker improves visibility, efficiency, collaboration, and outcomes. Recognized as a leader in Forrester’s Wave for Marketing Resource Management, 2020, BrandMaker is used by more than 625,000 users at 350+ leading enterprises, including Autodesk, BestBuy, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, and Land O’Lakes. For more information, please visit

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