In February 2021, Upland BlueVenn polled 4,000 consumers and 500 marketers to determine how consumers interact with brands across multiple touchpoints, and how well marketers are meeting their customers’ expectations given the complexity of their journeys.

Download the whitepaper for a view of our findings, such as:

  • 55% of consumers said that having a personalized shopping experience is important to them
  • 84% of marketers agreed that it’s a challenge to unify customers’ data to individual customers when they have multiple digital identities
  • 42.5% of the data collected by marketers isn’t being used
  • Only 43% of consumers thought a brand understood their shopping needs
  • 84.5% of marketers agreed that their team is able to deliver a consistent or personalized experience across three or more channels

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BlueVenn is a Customer Data Platform offering customer analytics, real-time marketing and customer journey automation. The BlueVenn Marketing Hub is the only customer-centric marketing automation solution that provides marketers with all the analytics, predictive insights and omnichannel marketing automation capabilities they need. Powered by its CDP, it works to create a real-time single customer view of every customer touchpoint to help businesses undertake an omnichannel transformation. BlueVenn sits at the heart of Upland’s Customer Experience Management product portfolio.

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