Implementing a digital experience relevant to different audiences around the world, is a key goal for enterprises looking to improve the effectiveness of their digital channels and maximize the economic potential of trade in the markets in which they operate.

The focus should be on investigating the use of digital technologies which automate the identification and distribution of relevant content to users in target markets. However, many companies are not providing the most basic form of relevant content to their international customers and prospects - content which is not only translated, but relevant and sympathetic to the local market and culture.

For organizations who do not have dedicated teams with local market knowledge, or who operate a decentralized global digital function, understanding the differences that need to be made to create truly local online experiences can be daunting. This guide is designed to help structure your approach, and to identify gaps and opportunities to bring you offering effectively to an international audience.
What you'll get from the whitepaper:
  • Key questions to discover your organizations current level of localization
  • How to define your approach and review what's needed using our "Digital Foundations" model covering people, process, platform and performance
  • A guide to creating your own digital roadmap
  • Advice on organizational structures, how to arrange global teams and manage workflows
  • Key CMS considerations
  • How and what to measure to report on performance

Vital to driving mobile advertising success is the ability to leverage audience data across devices, then delivering a consistent experience to potential customers regardless of what device they’re using.

This paper will help you learn how to effectively identify your customers’ various devices, and then create campaigns for the mobile experience.

Download your copy of this informative guide to learn:

  • Understanding the role of mobile ad exchanges
  • How to leverage the popularity of mobile devices
  • 5 mobile advertising best practices, including: audience targeting, mobile creative optimization, and how to choose the right ad format


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