For most brands, delivering consistent, personalized experiences across online channels is both critical and challenging. But today’s accelerated development and digital transformation timelines add even more complexity.

Leveraging a digital experience platform (DXP) to assemble the right experiences for your customers can prove transformational. But the kind of DXP matters. A DXP that has both content management and customer data management is powerful, and it gets even more so with composability at its core.

In a fast-changing world where the quality of the customer experience (CX) you deliver is a competitive advantage, you need a platform that leaves open maximum choice going forward – that allows you to easily add, remove, or change the pieces of your architecture as you innovate and as your needs evolve.

Download this e-book to learn why a DXP with composability matters, how it helps you start delivering value fast, and why it helps marketing, commerce, and IT teams work better together.

What's covered:
  • The four big challenges that make it difficult to meet customer expectations
  • Why a digital experience platform (DXP) with composability matters
  • Real-world examples of organizations leveraging the component-based approach


Acquia provides the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences. Global organizations use the Acquia Platform to create a single, powerful digital foundation for delivering world-class customer experiences. With the Acquia Platform, organizations can realize the vision of personalized, contextual, and real-time customer engagement for the right person, at the right time, on the right device. These experiences can be easily deployed and managed at scale, for one to thousands of sites, driving transformative business results at breakthrough speed.