Search Intelligence is a radar on your entire marketplace, and 90% of CMOs say it helps them make better decisions.

Could you be the first to prove the value of search to the C-suite? In this guide, you’ll discover how to:

  • Prove your worth with AI-powered benchmarking
  • Win your audience at a glance with automated visuals
  • Speak the language everyone understands
  • Do the math (and show your work)
  • Paint a bigger, better business picture


Adthena is the The Ultimate Search Intelligence Solution. It serves hundreds of the world’s largest advertisers through its patented “Whole Market View” technology. Updated daily and unrivaled, Adthena uses machine learning to help digital marketers understand their paid and organic search landscape and improve campaign performance. Processing over 10TB of new data, indexing 500 million adverts and 200 million keywords in 15 different languages every day, Adthena works with over 250 clients spread across 14 different business sectors ranging from retail, finance, travel and automotive.

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